Project Management Team

This project is Co-ordinated by:

Mercator Ocean International

2 Av. de l'Aérodrome de Montaudran

31400 Toulouse


General contact:

Project Coordinator

Stefano Ciavatta

Mercator Ocean International

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Project Manager

Jessica Heard

Plymouth Marine Laboratory

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Other Participants

Bolding & Bruggeman ApS

Karsten Bolding

Jorn Bruggeman

Fondazione Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici

Momme Butenschon

Giovanni Coppini

Simona Masina

Liubartseva Svitlana

Hellenic Centre for Marine Research

Ank Pollani

George Triantaphyllidis

Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon GMBH

Ute Daewel

David Greenberg

Corinna Schrum

Joanna Staneva

Zhiyong Xie

Instituto Do Mar

Jorge Sergiperez


Laia Romero

Mercator Ocean International

Stefano Ciavatta

Corinne Derval

Yann Drillet

Elodie Gutknecht

Julien Lamouroux

Patrick Lehodey

Angelique Melet

Coralie Perruche

Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Sevrine Sailley

Michael Wathen

Jerry Blackford

James Clark

Giovanni Galli

Susan Kay

Gennadi Lessin

Helen Powley

Ana Queiros

Jozef Skakala

Liz Talbot

Robert Wilson

Sorbonne Universite

Sakina-Dorothée Ayata

Stiftelsen Nansen Senter For Miljø Og Fjernmåling (NERSC)

Laurent Bertino

Julien Brajard

Karline Soetaert

Çağlar Yumruktepe

University of Liege

Alexander Barth

Marilaure Grégoire

Luc Vandenbulcke

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06 February 2024|News

NECCTON Releases Best Practices Guide for Model Development

NECCTON is dedicated to enhancing the Copernicus Marine Service, and this week announces the release of its concise guide for biogeochemical/ecological model development. This document outlines practical strategies for model implementation, fostering interoperability across CMEMS Monitoring and Forecasting Centres (MFCs). 

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17 January 2024|News

NECCTON new video

We are pleased to share with you our first project video. This short video introduces the wide range of activities and research developments that will be undertaken by the team, highlighting how they will be useful in support of Copernicus Marine Service and wider user community. 

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24 November 2023|News

Better models for ocean conservation: Horizon Europe guarantee

Through a Horizon Europe guarantee grant, the UK is continuing to provide improved monitoring of the marine ecosystem. 

Around the globe, there’s a growing awareness of the importance of the seas for all life on our planet. And if we are to protect the marine environment accurate monitoring and prediction of its behaviour is crucial, we cannot manage what we do not observe.

In Europe, the Copernicus Marine Service...

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30 October 2023|News

NECCTON's Latest: Reports on Advancements in Key Products

We're pleased to announce the release of a comprehensive series of reports that unveil the innovative products our project aims to develop across various key areas. At NECCTON, we're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation, and these reports underscore our commitment to delivering advanced solutions.

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12 July 2023|News

NECCTON's first Virtual Science Meeting

NECCTON's first virtual science meeting was a great success. Providing an opportunity for the whole team to gather and share details of scientific advancements in the first six months of the project. 

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03 July 2023|News

NECCTON Co-Design Stakeholder Workshop

Last week, the NECCTON Stakeholder Workshop: Co-design of Future Products was held virtually. This two-day workshop took place on June 28th and 29th with the aim of presenting NECCTON's future products and gathering stakeholder needs. The first public event of NECCTON attracted over 100 participants, including key stakeholders, project scientists, and potential users of NECCTON products.

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28 June 2023|News

Advancing the Conservation of Ocean Biodiversity through Copernicus Marine Service Evolution

The New Copernicus Capability for Tropic Ocean Networks project (NECCTON) aims to expand the Copernicus Marine Service product catalogue by delivering new and improved biogeochemical products, by means of new models of higher trophic levels, the benthic habitat, and of marine pollution. Launched in January 2023, the project received funding under a Horizon Europe Call for the evolution of the Copernicus Marine Service and will run...

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